Company Profile

Uniden Australia Pty Limited and Uniden New Zealand Limited are part of the Uniden Corporation of Japan, operating globally in America, Europe, Asia and the South Pacific. Since its establishment in 1966, Uniden has grown to be a global leader in wireless communications and a major global brand in consumer electronics.

With over two million wireless products produced every month and a cordless phone manufactured every 3.2 seconds, Uniden continues to bring outstanding products to people's homes throughout the world. With quality and innovation at the forefront of our activities, the company has developed to be a world leader in production efficiency and zero defects so that we can offer the best products possible.

The company now offers an extensive range of consumer electronic products including Australia and New Zealandís Number 1 Selling Cordless Phones which comprises of the XDECT Series, XDECT R Series, ELITE Series technology cordless phones. Other product categories include 80 Channel Ready UHF CB radios, Scanning Receivers, GPS Car Navigation, Digital Wireless Surveillance, Bluetooth Carkits and so much more.

As the company looks to the future, we will continue to pursue manufacturing and marketing excellence so that we can offer products that enable people throughout the world to enjoy the benefits and versatility of sophisticated communication products.

Global Operations - World's No.1

Uniden's global business spans many countries throughout the world.

Uniden continues to strive for innovative ideas and excellence.

We are proud of being the first company in the world to introduce so many new benefits to our customers - with the following achievements in cordless telephones being just a few examples of our recent activities.

We were:

to manufacture a cordless phone.

to offer voice scramble security.

to introduce selectable channels.

to introduce caller identification.

to introduce a completely digital phone & digital answering machine.

to introduce a 900 MHz analogue cordless phone into Australia.

to introduce a 5.8 GHz Digital Spread Spectrum cordless phones into Australia.

to introduce Wideband DECT Technology into Australia.

to introduce 3D Mapping into Car Navigation for Australia.

to introduce XDECT Technology into Australia.

to introduce Repeater Technology integrated into Cordless Phones.

to introduce a Dual Mode Bluetooth Cordless Phone into Australia.

to introduce a 80 Channel UHF CB Radio into Australia.


Consequently, globally we can proudly state another:

Uniden is the world's largest manufacturer of wireless communication products and the world's leading cordless phone manufacturer.

Engineering Excellence

Uniden's management policy has always been to look ahead to the future.

Based on extensive research and development in Japan and the USA and production in Asia, Uniden has been able to offer it's products all over the world.

The company's engineering excellence remains a cornerstone of the company's success. "Engineering is our driving force" and has enabled the company to grow amidst rapidly changing markets with the most advanced technology available.

Uniden continues to look to the future. It will be the Information Society and Uniden will be leading the way in the development and marketing of wireless multimedia technology.

Quality Assurance

Uniden is committed to producing high quality products with all of our manufacturing facilities certified to the demanding ISO9002 international quality standard and having received ISO9001 certification for its design processes in Japan.

Uniden Australia and Uniden New Zealand are ISO9002 accredited. In a word, this means that you can be assured that every Uniden product is based on Quality.

It's what's inside that counts

When you open up a Uniden cordless phone and compare it to the competition it becomes quite clear how Uniden Delivers reliable performance year in year out. Uniden invests heavily in state of the art engineering because we believe in quality, value through longevity and a commitment to staying number one. Our phones are strong, durable and designed to extremely high standards. After all, isn't it what's on the inside that counts?

You will see:

State of the art engineering

High gain compact aerial

Superior surface mount technology

No Spot Soldering

No messy wires

No spot gluing

This all adds up to a phone that delivers great performance when it counts.

History of Uniden

The following table identifies the solid growth and expansion of the Corporation.

1966 Uniden Corp. was established. Began to sell CB and Marine transceiver.
1973 Uniden Taiwan Corp was established. Began to sell Private Radio Communications equipment.
1974 Uniden Hong Kong Ltd. was established.
1979 Uniden America Corp. was established. Began to sell 46/49 MHz Cordless Telephone.
1983 Began to sell Radar Detector, 900 MHz Cordless Telephone.
1984 Began to sell Scanner, Satellite Receiver.
1986 Uniden stock was registered over the counter of Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE).
1987 Began to sell Cellular Phone.
1988 Uniden Philippines, Inc. was established. Began to sell Pager. Uniden stock listed on the second section of the TSE.
1989 Uniden Australia Pty. Ltd. was established. Uniden New Zealand Ltd. was established.
1990 Uniden stock was listed on the first section of the TSE.
1993 Uniden Electronics Products (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Unitic Technologies Co., Ltd. (Beijing) were established.
1994 Uniden Philippines Laguna, Inc. was established. Uniden Hong Kong, Uniden China, Uniden New Zealand, Uniden Philippines were certified by ISO9002. Began to sell Spread Spectrum Cordless Telephone.
1995 Uniden Asia Pacific Taiwan Co., Ltd., Uniden San Diego Research and Development Center, Inc., Tokyo Research and Development Center and Dallas Development Center were established. Uniden Corp. was certified by ISO9001
1996 Uniden USA, Inc. was established Uniden Philippines Laguna, Inc. was certified by ISO9002. Began to sell PHS, DSS for DIRECTV, Terminal Adapter. Began to service VirtualUni.
1997 Uniden Holding, Inc., Uniden Financial, Inc., Uniden Hawaii Software Research Park, Inc. and Product Support Services, Inc. were established. Began to sell E-mail Phone, DSS for PerfecTV, Network Computer and CDPD.
1998 Uniden Australia was ISO9002 accredited.
2000 The Uniden group of companies now has operations in North America, Europe, Asia, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. It continues to grow and expand.
2002 Uniden Australia release 900MHz SCR Technology range of cordless phones
2003 Uniden Australia release 5.8GHz and 2.4GHz Digital Spread Spectrum range of cordless phones
2004 Uniden Australia release WDECT (2.4GHz Wideband Digital WDECT) range of cordless phones
2004 Uniden Australia form strategic alliance with Buffalo Inc. to sell Buffalo by Uniden branded Wireless Networking Products in Australia and New Zealand
2004 Uniden Australia release new range of GPS Navigation products in the Australian Market
2006 Uniden Australia release first 100% water and dust proof cordless phone in the Australian Market
2006 Uniden Australia release High Definition LCD Television in the Australian Market
2006 Uniden Australia release Digital Cameras in the Australian Market
2008 Uniden Australia release 3D TRAX range in the Australian Market
2009 Uniden Australia release XDECT (Extended Coverage) range in the Australian Market
2010 Uniden Australia release Bluetooth Carkits and Headsets range in the Australian Market
2010 Uniden Australia release Dual Mode Bluetooth Cordless Phone in the Australian Market
2011 Uniden Australia release 80 Channel Ready* UHF CB Radios in the Australian Market
2012 Uniden Australia win Gold Award for Best Baby Monitor in The Annual Mother and Baby Awards
2013 Uniden Australia Celebrates 10 Years at Number 1 Brand in Cordless Phones (According to GFK Data)
2014 Uniden Roll out Comprehensive Innovative Wireless Surveillance Range in the Market
2015 Uniden Australia win Gold Award for Best Baby Monitor in The Annual Mother and Baby Awards
2016 Uniden Australia win Gold Award for Best Baby Monitor in The Annual Mother and Baby Awards. Also Wins Bronze Award in the MyChild Awards and Nominated in the Good Design Award. Uniden Celebrating 50 Years of Global Excellence