Uniden TRAX CENTRAL - Updates, Downloads, Backups and More

Uniden TRAX CENTRAL is a free PC software program that gives access to a huge array of additional content. It is the only tool you need to manage, update, backup and personalize your Uniden TRAX series.

Download Uniden TRAX CENTRAL Free download for all Uniden TRAX GPS devices.
- System requirements *
     • Windows 2000, XP or Vista (latest service packs recommended)
     • Pentium III or higher
     • 256 MB RAM, 512 recommended
     • Internet connection
       (preferably broadband - DSL/Cable/LAN) for downloading updates, maps or services
     • The Uniden TRAX CENTRAL software is a 11MB download requiring 2GB of disk space when installed
     • Content downloads require additional storage
     Note: Not compatible with apple Mac

- Download TRAX CENTRAL Software
- Download TRAX CENTRAL Installation Guide PDF
- Download TRAX CENTRAL Operating Manual PDF
  Note: TRAX CENTRAL is only compatible with TRAX Series Uniden Navigation units
What can I benefit from Uniden TRAX CENTRAL?
     • Stay up-to-date - always get the latest Uniden software and updates.
     • Personalize - Points of Interest, routes, voices, colour schemes and more.
     • Easy to Use - Uniden TRAX Central is the only tool you'll need to manage your Trax
Manage your Uniden TRAX CENTRAL on your Computer
     • Everything on your Uniden TRAX series is visible on your Computer
     • Transfer content between your Uniden TRAX series and your Computer
     • Make and restore back-ups
     • Import destinations and Routes from Google earth