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UHF Range Overview


80 Channel Ultra Compact 0.7W UHF Handheld Radio - Twin Pack




Introducing the latest in UHF Communication from the world leaders in wireless communication. The UH038SX-2NB is a 80 Channel unit, making it one of the first 80 Channel UHF mobiles in the market.

The UH038SX-2NB is the ultimate in UHF communications and built for rugged Australian and New Zealand conditions makes it ideal for the Commercial use, Hiking, Construction Sites and Restaurants. Uniden's reliability and experience in UHF makes this unit ideal for the professional who needs to keep in touch with the outside world. The UH038SX-2NB offers the finest components, engineering and styling and offers outstanding performance in virtually all conditions and situations, just what you would expect from Uniden.

The UH038SX-2NB is a compact 700mW UHF Radio Built Rugged for Australian and New Zealand conditions.

Ultra Compact in design, the UH038SX-NB is a 80 Narrowband Channel Radio with CTCSS, Long life Super Switch and many more features.

The UH038SX-2NB has a range of up to 4km and with its Range Extender (Duplex) Capability the unit can achieve even further range depending on the location of your local repeater station and topographical conditions.

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The UH038SX-2NB has a Backlit LCD Display for easy viewing at night or in low light situations.

Key Features
Designed and Engineered in Japan
Built for Rugged Australian and New Zealand Conditions
80 Narrowband Channels
0.7W Maximum TX Output Power
Backlit LCD Display
Digital Coded Squelch (DCS)
D+ Booster (Extreme Distance Booster)
Long Life Super Switch
Range Extender (Duplex) Capability
VOX Hands Free Capable
Auto Battery Save
Battery Level Indicator
Busy Channel Lockout Function
Blockout Unwanted Conversation
Keypad Lock
Auto Squelch
Built-in Headset Jack
Box Includes:
- 2 x UH038SX-NB UHF Radios
- 1 x Twin Desktop Charger
- 2 x Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery Packs
- 2 x Belt Clips
- 1 x AC Adaptor
Additional Features:
**Range: 4kms Typical Range in kms (line of sight)
†Operating Time: 25/14hrs

*Please note: CH 22 & 23 are used for telemetry and telecommand applications, voice communications are not permitted on these channels and transmission is inhibited. CH 61, 62 & 63 are guard channels and are unavailable for use.

# Please Note: It is illegal to operate this radio transceiver outside of Australia and New Zealand.

**Range may vary depending on environmental and/or topographical conditions.

†Operating time (in hours): hours based on 5% transmitting, 5% receiving and 90% waiting mode using low output power with Alkaline Batteries, or 14 hours with NiMH batteries supplied with Auto Battery Save ON.

Factory setting is to Australian frequencies only. Refer to owner's manual for New Zealand setting.