250 Channel TrunkTracker III Mobile Scanner


This Desktop scanner with Trucktracker III “Trunking Radio Trace Technology” offers 250 programmable memory channels - 12 bands. Offering the new Ground Breaking Technology “Close Call RF Capture Technology” this scanner automatically ‘Listens” for any nearby or ‘close’ tansmissions and once they occur the scanner immediately tunes in to this frequency which is ideal for use at events or locations when the transmission is unknown.

Frequency ranges received are 25-512, 806-956 and 1240-1300MHz. Chain searching allows seven different personal search bands and the ability to search up to all five chain locations at once. Priority scanning allows a designated priority channel to be monitored every two seconds.

The UBCT-8 also has Pre-Programmed service search which automatically detects analogue Police channels, Railroad, Air, Marine, UHF CB and AM CB. Also includes 1x Telescopic Antenna, 1x Window Mount Antenna, 1x AC Adaptor. 1x DC Power Cord, 1x Mounting Bracket and 1x Cigarette Lighter Cord.

Suggested Retail: $429

Key Features
Designed and Engineered in Japan
Mobile / Din Size
250 Analogue Channels
12 Bands
Frequency Range: 25-512MHz, 806-956MHz, 1240-1300MHz
Trunktracker III - (Motorola Ò Analog Trunking, EDACS Ò / EDACS Ò SCAT, LTR Ò )
Close Call RF Capture Technology

Frequency Searching:

- Band Search
- Turbo Search
- Lockout Search
- Analogue Pre Programmed Service Search*:

> Analogue Police channels
> Railroad
> Air
> Marine

- Frequency Skip

Channel Scanning:

- Memory Channel Scan

> Direct Channel Access
> Channel Lockout
> Priority Scan

- State Scanning

Control Channel Only Mode
Memory Lock
PC Control
Backlit LCD Display and Keypad
Memory Back Up
Size of Unit (mm): 176.5(W) x 152.0(D) x 50.8(H)
Additional Features:
External Jacks – ANT: BNC Type
Internal Speaker: 8ohm.1W
Max Search Speed: 150 Steps/sec
Operating Temperature: -20° - +60°c
Size of Unit (mm): 176.5(W) x 152.0(D) x 50.8(H)
Weight without battery: 1.1kg

*Please note not all pre-programmed service searches may operate in New Zealand.