DSS 7960 + 1

2 Line 5.8GHz Digital Spread Spectrum Cordless Phone


For Optimum Clarity, Superior Technology and Sophisticated Styling you cannot overlook Uniden's 2 Line 5.8GHz Digital Spread Spectrum (DSS) Cordless Phone System.

Ideal for people wanting one phone line for home and one line for business the DSS 7960 + 1 is a superb choice. Utilising a wider 5.8GHz Digital Spread Spectrum Bandwidth, these phones are equipped with an array of powerful features including the versatility of being able to operate with up 10 handsets using the one phone socket.

DSS 7960 + 1 also comes with an additional handset and charge cradle, 7 Way Handset Conferencing, Advanced Alpha Display Caller ID, 100 Caller ID Memories and the ability to allocate individual caller ring tones to enable easy caller identification. Enjoy the ease of hands-free communication with a Digital Duplex Speakerphone and the exclusive Uniden feature of Dual LCD Display, on both the handset and base.

Combine all these with the added convenience that 5.8GHz Technology will not interfere with typical wireless networks, and you have the perfect communication accessory to suit households of any size.

Uniden quality, performance and powerful features make the DSS 7960 + 1 a truly innovative model of technological excellence and contemporary design.

Suggested Retail: $269.00.

The DSS 7905 is available as an additional handset and charging base. Suggested Retail: $119.95.

The DSS 7805WP is available as an additional handset and charging base. Suggested Retail: $149.00.
Key Features
Designed and Engineered in Japan
5.8GHz Digital Spread Spectrum Technology Phone System
2 Line* Cordless Phone
- Ideal for People Wanting One Phone Line
  for Home and One Phone Line for Business*
- 7 Way Handset Conferencing
  (4 Handsets + Base + 2 Outside Calls)
- One Touch Voice Mail Access for Both Line 1 and 2*
- Intercom/Announce Call Transfer
  Between Line 1 and 2*
- Multi (10) Handset Capable (2 Handsets Included)
Advanced LCD and Caller ID Display*:
- 4 Line Backlit Full Dot Matrix LCD Display
- POP ID* - Caller Name Identification
- Alpha Display Caller ID
- 100 Caller ID* Memories with Phonebook on each
- 20 Individual Caller Tone Allocations*
- Caller ID* (Type 1 and Type 2)
Dual Keypad
Wireless Network Friendly**
Clock/Date/Banner/Battery Display
Two-Way Communication between Handsets Anywhere Without the Base^
Built-in Clarity Plus Antenna
Alphabetical Search and Dial
Visual Message Indicator and New Call Indicator*
Hearing Aid Compatible (T-Coil)
Polyphonic Ring Tones
Orange Backlit LCD Display and Keypad
Alpha Memory Dialling
Maxi-Sound ™ Extra Loud Handset Volume Control
Do Not Disturb Button
Download Phonebook Between Handset^
Room/Baby Monitor***
Headset Compatible
Optional Additional Handset: DSS 7905
Belt Clip
Wall or Desk Mountable
Keypad Lock
And More!
Additional Features:
Wall/Desk Mountable
Talk Time: 5 Hours
Standby Time: 7 Days
Battery Capacity: DC 3.6V, 800mAH
Dimensions: 180mm (H) x 190mm (W) x 130mm (D)

* First and Second Phone Lines, Voice Mail Access, Caller ID and POP ID features only work if you subscribe to the service provided by your local telephone company. There is usually a fee for this service.
** 5.8GHz Technology will not interfere with typical wireless networks such as 802.11b, 802.11g or 802.11n.
*** The Baby Monitor function is not a replacement for regularly checking the safety and security of children. The operating time is limited to the remaining charge of the battery and is not suitable for continuous overnight use.
^ Two-way Communication and Download Phonebook Features only work when a second handset is in use.