DECT 2035

Premium DECT Digital Cordless Phone System


Designed and engineered in Japan, Uniden's DECT 2035 uses the Wireless Friendly DECT technology and has an integrated digital answering machine so you don’t miss those important phone calls. With a futuristic design and a design derived from cutting-edge American DECT 6.0 Technology the DECT 2035 Cordless Phone System is nothing but a premium choice.

These futuristic styled phones are ideally suited to high density living environments and have a comprehensive array of features suitable for any home. They have enhanced talking range, unique styling, a large backlit display LCD display and are Wireless (WiFi) Network friendly. The digital duplex speakerphone on the handset makes handsfree communication a breeze.

This phone is multi handset capable and comes with an additional handset, allowing up to 6 handsets to be connected to just one phone socket. Uniden quality and performance make the DECT 2035 an outstanding and reliable digital choice.

Suggested Retail: $79.95
The DECT 2005 is available as an additional handset and charging base.
Suggested Retail: $44.95

Key Features
Designed and Engineered in Japan
Premium DECT Digital Technology Phone System
This cordless phone design is derived from the cutting edge American DECT 6.0™ Technology and engineered specifically to meet Australian and New Zealand Conditions
Multi (6) Handset Capabilities
- Up to 6 Handsets using One Phone Socket
- Intercom/Announce Call Transfer
- Handset Conferencing
  (2 Handsets + Outside Call)
Integrated Digital Answering Machine with Remote Access
Advanced Alpha Display Caller ID
Orange Backlit LCD Display and Keypad
Wireless (WiFi) Network Friendly
Polyphonic Ring Tones
Maxi-Sound – Extra Loud Handset Volume Control
Digital Duplex Speakerphone on Handset
Download Phonebook Between Handsets
14 Minute Answering Machine Recording Time
Up to 10 Hours Talk Time
Up to 7 Days Standby Time
Wall or Desk Mountable
Optional Extra Handset: DECT 2005
Additional Features:
Talk Time: 10 Hours
Standby Time: 7 Days
Battery Capacity: DC 2.4V, 650mAH
Wall/Desk Mountable
Dimensions: 170mm (H) X 240mm (W) X 110mm (D)