DECT 2035 + 1

Premium DECT Digital Cordless Phone System


Designed and engineered in Japan, Uniden's DECT 2035 + 1 uses the Wireless Friendly DECT technology and has an integrated digital answering machine so you don’t miss those important phone calls. With a futuristic design and a design derived from cutting-edge American DECT 6.0 Technology the DECT 2035 + 1 Cordless Phone System is nothing but a premium choice.

These futuristic styled phones are ideally suited to high density living environments and have a comprehensive array of features suitable for any home. They have enhanced talking range, unique styling, a large backlit display LCD display and are Wireless (WiFi) Network friendly. The digital duplex speakerphone on the handset makes handsfree communication a breeze.

This phone is multi handset capable and comes with an additional handset, allowing up to 6 handsets to be connected to just one phone socket. Uniden quality and performance make the DECT 2035 + 1 an outstanding and reliable digital choice.

Suggested Retail: $109.95
The DECT 2005 is available as an additional handset and charging base.
Suggested Retail: $44.95

Key Features
Designed and Engineered in Japan
Premium DECT Digital Technology Phone System
This cordless phone design is derived from the cutting edge American DECT 6.0™ Technology and engineered specifically to meet Australian and New Zealand Conditions
Multi (6) Handset Capabilities
- 2 Handsets Included
- Up to 6 Handsets using One Phone Socket
- Intercom/Announce Call Transfer
- Handset Conferencing
  (2 Handsets + Outside Call)
Advanced Alpha Display Caller ID
Integrated Digital Answering Machine with Remote Access
Orange Backlit LCD Display and Keypad
Wireless (WiFi) Network Friendly
Polyphonic Ring Tones
Maxi-Sound – Extra Loud Handset Volume Control
Digital Duplex Speakerphone on Handset
Download Phonebook Between Handsets
14 Minute Answering Machine Recording Time
Up to 10 Hours Talk Time
Up to 7 Days Standby Time
Wall or Desk Mountable
Optional Extra Handset: DECT 2005
Additional Features:
Talk Time: 10 Hours
Standby Time: 7 Days
Battery Capacity: DC 2.4V, 650mAH
Wall/Desk Mountable
Dimensions: 170mm (H) X 240mm (W) X 110mm (D)