Corded Phones


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XDECT 6145BTU + 1H

XDECT® Digital Technology with Integrated Bluetooth 2 in 1 Phone System & Long Range DECT Wireless Headset
DECT 2145 + 1

Premium DECT Digital - 2 in 1 Phone System Phone System

Corded Phone with Integrated Digital Answering Machine

Corded Phone with Caller ID

Corded Phone with Advanced LCD and Caller ID Display

Corded Phone
SS E37 + 1P

Visual and Hearing Impaired Cordless and Corded Digital Phone System with Splashproof Emergency Alert Pendant
SS E37 + 1

Visual and Hearing Impaired Corded and Cordless Digital Phone System
SS E33

Visual and Hearing Impaired Corded & Remote Emergency Dialler Phone System

Uniden Cordless Phone Power Failure Backup Pack Accessory